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Julie is an ICEA Certified Childbirth Educator and has taught Childbirth and New Parenting classes for Sutter's Sacramento Regional Program before opening Herself Moms.

As an E-RYT 200 Certified Yoga Instructor, she previously taught Prenatal Yoga at the Sutter PregnaGym and at UC Davis RN Self Care Program. After launching Herself Moms, she continues to teach Prenatal Yoga and Hatha inspired Yoga classes at Herself Moms Sacramento and Roseville locations.

Julie designed a Prenatal Yoga program to help prepare the expectant mom for labor and delivery. By practicing breathing techniques and position's that can also be used while in labor, the expectant mom becomes stronger mentally and physically through her pregnancy journey. All of this training is tied together and enhanced while attending the "Must Have Tools for Labor" class where the Partner is taught these techniques and many more to assist the laboring mom.

The Postpartum Sculpt class is designed specifically for the postpartum body. Julie developed a unique program that honors the postpartum healing process and the desire to "get back in shape" incorporating the Barre Basic's Method, Mat Palates, use of free weights, bands, gliders and balls. The chorography of this class will build strength and stamina, targeting abdominal and back muscles, shoulder girdle, arms, thighs, and gluts! (bring your baby we have bouncers, swings and more).

Certified as an ACE Group Fitness Instructor she brings safety and cohesiveness to her classes and certified in Pilate's Mat 1 and 2 and Barre Basic's she offers a verity of methods to produce results! It's great fun and sleepy, crying and happy baby's are welcomed!!

Herself Moms also offers services to the expectant and postpartum family's. Our team of professionals includes IBCLC Lactation Consultants. Certified 200-RYT "Sweet Pea" instructor, MFT led "Mine, Yours and Ours" Couple classes and groups, Certified Bra Specialists, and so many more....take a look at our class page!!

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 I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything. You were such a huge support for me, and your resources were invaluable. With no family here, I really looked to Herself Moms for emotional support to get me through what was, at times, a difficult pregnancy. Thank you so much for everything! You truly have no idea how much you helped me! Affectionate regards-P
P.S. without your yoga classes, I never would have made it through 25 hours of natural, unmedicated labor. You helped give me an amazing gift- the birthing experience I truly wanted.  8/26/15

I feel very fortunate to have found Herself Moms; the yoga kept me fit during my pregnancy and the breathing still comes in handy, the classes were very informational and spot on, the nursing tanks are so comfy & cute, the nursing bras are vastly superior to Motherhood Maternity (both in comfort & support), and the MotherLove products have been great! Lastly and most importantly Julie is awesome, supportive, and a wonderful resource!” Thank you Julie & Herself Moms!!!!!!!

I would not have had such a positive pregnancy experience if it were not for the healing and restorative benefits of practicing prenatal yoga with Julie. She makes everyone feel at home and welcome and is completely nurturing in guiding the moms... (More) I would not have had such a positive pregnancy experience if it were not for the healing and restorative benefits of practicing prenatal yoga with Julie. She makes everyone feel at home and welcome and is completely nurturing in guiding the moms through their practice. No matter how hard it was to make it to class, I always leave feeling calm, serene and joyful thanks to Julie and her radiant positivity!

“Attending your prenatal classes during my pregnancy was such a positive, life affirming event for me. I felt you were extremely knowledgeable about Yoga as well as the myriad of issues I was having during my pregnancy. Add to that the wonderful support from the other moms and I found I was hooked! After having my baby, it was so nice to be in a class with other moms and to build new friendships, but most importantly, I was able to bring my son along with me. If he wouldn't have been able to go, I know I wouldn't have started exercising as quickly or as often as I do.”
-Janel Silva

I just took my all day birth class at a local hospital today and wanted you to know that your “Tools” class was ten times better! I learned so much more from your class and feel more prepared than this class ever would have made me feel. Although they mentioned some of the same positions and breathing techniques, they did not have us practice them and I doubt anyone would know how to do any of it 4-6 weeks later. You did a much better job of explaining the benefits of laboring in a vertical position and waiting to have an epidural (should you plan on getting one). Having taken both it’s a little scary to think how unprepared I would feel if I had only taken the class at the hospital. Being a first time mom I am a little apprehensive about labor but feel ready having all the info that you have taught us in yoga and Tools—so thank you!
-C. Semon

“I had a C-section, but I found that I felt really great during the healing period. Had it not been for my participation in Prenatal Yoga, I know that my recovery would have been more difficult. Doing Postpartum Yoga was extremely important for me and my child. I found that Postpartum Yoga helped me emotionally and physically recover. I could not recommend Postpartum Yoga enough for meeting other moms who I have become great friends with.”
-Wendy Morgan

“Prenatal Yoga was an absolute joy when I was pregnant. Julie has created a class that is both educational and inspirational. I gained knowledge and skills, both mental and physical, that helped me have the labor and delivery I wanted. I would not have had the stamina and mental discipline to go without meds during my labor, something I had wanted to do. After I had my baby I could not wait to get back to Yoga! It was great to have a baby friendly place to go where I could meet other moms and get my body back in shape.”
-Cindy Passmore

“The Prenatal Yoga classes were one of the most important parts of my pregnancy. I could not have made it through my labor without the breathing techniques, positive birth positions and mental strength Julie’s class provided for me. She helps you prepare for birth by giving you tools to use before, during and after labor and delivery. No subject is too taboo for this class. All is shared and through the sharing, we all became stronger as we prepared for the birth of our babies.”
-Whitney Lofrano

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