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myBrest friend original pillow

  myBrest Slipcovers


myBrest friend Organic Slipcover

  Medela Nursing Stool®

• #1 Choice of Lactation
• Wrap around design secures to
  the body helping mom and baby
  maintain positioning and atch-on
• Back rest helps you maintain good
  posture during feeding and
  prevents sore back and neck
• Firm, flat cushion keeps baby from
• Adjustable, silent-release strap
  fits Moms or Dads comfortably and
  unlatches without waking baby
• Arm and elbow rests eliminate
  shoulder stress
• Convenient Pocket keeps water
  bottles, burp cloths, phone, and
  other items within reach
  Mix it up. So many fun ways to change the look of your my Brest Friend pillow.

Every My Brest Friend pillow comes ready to go, covered in a fashion-forward print of your choosing. But the options don't end there. Many moms enjoy buying extra slipcovers so that when spit-up or leaky diapers strike, they can toss the slipcover into the washer without missing a beat.

• Slipcovers are 100% cotton
• Machine washable in the gentle
  cycle in warm water
• All covers fit all styles of My Brest
  Friend pillows, including the travel
  Nursing Stool

• White or Natural
• Helps mom to comfortably
  position baby for breastfeeding
• Alleviates stress on moms back,
  shoulders and neck
Pump & Save™ Breastmilk Bags
50 count

  Quick Clean™ Micro-Steam™ Bags - 5 Pack

  Quick Clean™ Breastpump & Accessory Wipes 24 Count

Features and Benefits

• Compatible with Medela
  breastpumps (except Freestyle®)
• Double-walled for safe and long-
  term breastmilk storage.
• No-leak, easy-to-close zipper top.
• No-spill, stand-up bottom.
• BPA-free.
  Features and Benefits

• Thoroughly disinfects in about 3
• Steam cleaning eliminates 99.9%
  of most common bacteria and
• Requires just a microwave and
• Each bag can be used up to 20
• Ideal for storing pump parts
  between pumping sessions.
  Features and Benefits

• Unique wipes allow easy &
  convenient cleaning without soap
  & water.
• Use anywhere - ideal for in the car,
  at  work, travel and more.
• Efficient - just one wipe cleans
  both breastshields, valves &
• Also great for changing tables,
  high chairs, cribs, countertops,
  toys and other hard surfaces.
Medela Softshells for Sore Nipples-

  100% Cotton Washable Nursing Pads

  Disposable Nursing Bra Pads

30 count $ 5.99
60 count $ 9.99
Features and Benefits

• Protects nipples from further
• Superior comfort with soft, flexible
• More flattering appearance under
  clothes than other shells
  • Contoured shape for an
  exceptional fit
• Natural fibers promote air flow for
  healthy skin.
• No-shift design keeps pads in
• Includes 4 pads and laundry bag
  for easy washing.
  Features and Benefits

• Contouring pleats ensure a
  smooth, feminine shape.
• Adhesive tape keeps pad in place
  and prevents shifting.
• Individually wrapped for
Medela Contact Nipple Shield 24mm

  Tender Care™ Lanolin – 2 oz Tube

  Wide Base Nipple 3-Pack Slow Flow

Features and Benefits

• For latch-on difficulties or
  flat/inverted nipples.
• Special design for closer contact
  with your baby.
• BPA-free.
  Features and Benefits

• Soothing relief for dry, sore and
  tender nipples.
• Glides on smoothly and gently -
  no-mess application.
  Features and Benefits

• Compatible with all Medela
  breastmilk bottles.
• 0-4 months
• Natural feel and shape
• Dishwasher and microwave safe.
• BPA Free
Wide Base Nipple 3-Pack Medium Flow

  Breastmilk Bottle Set – 5 oz

Features and Benefits

• Compatible with all Medela
  breastmilk bottles.
• 4-12 months
• Natural feel and shape
• Dishwasher and microwave safe.
• BPA Free
  Features and Benefits

• Compatible with all Medela
  breastpumps to pump, store and
  feed with one bottle.
• Easy to read volume marks in
  ounces and milliliters.
• Dishwasher and microwave safe.
• BPA-free