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Herself Moms - Prenatal and Postpartum Services - Sacramento and Roseville

Herself Moms two locations offers services to help support your pregnancy and growing family in Sacramento and Roseville.

As the premier resource for women and their families Herself Moms has the unique privilege of offering specialty services to expectant families through their prenatal journey and into parenthood.

For the Prenatal Journey:

Expectant moms can get into shape, help their bodies adjust to pregnancy, and feel better all while learning positions to use through labor in our Prenatal Yoga classes.

Our Childbirth class Must Have Tools for Labor teaches couples to be empowered with tools and techniques to work through their labor experience.

In our Newborn class, Survival Tools and Techniques for the Newborn, couples learn important information about newborn behavior, cues, and sleep patterns, why babies cry, what is normal and what are they trying to tell us. Information in this class is based on Baby Behavior studies coming from UC Davis as well as SIDS information, product safety and so much more.

Pediatrician Andy Katz: What’s Up Doc? class guides couples through what they can expect to take place with their newborn during their hospital stay, shares information on caring for baby at home, vaccinations, circumcision, sick/fussy baby, when to call your doctor and so much more.

Breastfeeding help begins with our Express Yourself: Breastfeeding Mom’s Guide to Pumping class. Moms are taught the correct way to use a breast pump, what a good pumping schedule looks like and how and when to offer a bottle to a breastfed baby.

Mine, Yours, Ours Relationship Survival Guide for Baby’s 1st year is a must for New or Expectant couples desiring to keep their relationship strong while experiencing the changes that develop with becoming a family.

For our growing families we offer a Big Brother/Sister class for the Sibling(s) to be.

Postpartum Journey:

For the Postpartum mom we offer Lactation Consultations with IBCLC certified breastfeeding consultants to help aid mom in her breastfeeding goals.

Yes, we have exercise classes to help postpartum moms return to their pre-pregnancy bodies. Our postpartum Sculpting and Yoga classes help the postpartum mom to strengthen and tone their bodies while meeting other new moms.

Come and enjoy our Sweet Pea Yoga Series, where you and your Lil' "Sweet Pea" have the opportunity to explore yoga postures, stretching and an interactive workout, allowing for bonding.

Just Daddy and Baby class helps men to bond with their babies while learning fun activities that they can do and building confidence in their abilities as new dads.

“Just Between Moms” Support group led by a M.F.T. offers a safe, learning environment for moms and their babies to ask questions and look for ideas to handle their new role as a mom.

And finally, classes for the babies! We offer a fun variety of classes to stimulate and increase your baby’s awareness of the world around them. Kindermusik, Baby Signs and On the Grow™ are fun for parents and babies.


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Medela Pump n Style Breastpump check:

$5.00 fee to have your breastpump checked to insure that it is pumping correctly.
Your pump needs to be clean and you will need to bring your tubing for
the check or purchase it at the store.  Pump checks are done Mondays at U street location and Tuesday or Thursday at Roseville location.

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