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Just Daddy & Baby

Do you have questions about becoming a new daddy?

 Ask a Dad what you want to know.

Rick looks forward to meeting new Dads and their baby’s (1-4 months old). Rick’s experience as a father of two and co-facilitator of Mine, Yours, and Ours: Relationship Survival Guide to Baby’s First Year, gives him wisdom and insight. He will share honestly about the joys and reality of first time parenthood.

During class, Rick will answer questions and share tips that will help to boost confidence in this journey of becoming a new Dad. Dads will learn soothing and calming techniques, interactive play ideas including developmentally appropriate games. Moms can be nearby available to nurse baby as needed, or feel free to run out and have some quite time for yourself.

Data shows:

Dad’s skill in playing infant games like peek-a-boo and ball toss predicts more intellectually advanced kids later.

If dads are involved in their children’s emotional world at age four, the kids are more socially competent at age eight.

Children with actively involved fathers also have higher verbal ability and IQ scores and better academic performance in third grade.

Dads need to be emotionally accessible and responsive.

A child will do best if his/her dad is involved, playful, caring and warm.

Sacramento July 15 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

 CLASS COST:  $35.00 per dad  & baby

Just Daddy & Baby ~ Sacramento ~ 7/15/17
Per Dad & Baby
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Cancellations that occur 2 weeks before class date:  Amount refunded less $20.00 processing fee.

Cancellations after that date date and no shows are not eligible for a refund!



  • Babies 1- 4 months
  • Pre-registration is required!
  • Class size is limited.

151 N Sunrise Ave Suite 907 Roseville, CA

Rick Heyer

JD, Educator, & Dad of 2 active wonderful kids!


  • Babies 1- 4 months
  • Pre-registration is required!
  • Class size is limited.

3385 Lanatt Street Sacramento, CA


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