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Skin + Pregnancy: Oh Hello Baby!

SOOO you are packing a bag for the birth center/hospital, or preparing for your home birth.

 Here are some skin tips for mama and baby for those first few days.

Well hello there baby; it’s nice to finally meet you! The first tip a doula gave me was to put olive oil on the bum of your little one immediately. It’ll help you clean the sticky tar-like first poop(s) called meconium. Meconium is made up of mucus, amniotic fluid and other bits your baby ingested inside the womb. This was the holy grail of advice! We packed a small Tupperware container of olive oil (actually we forgot it but my sweet sister-in-law ran back to the house and nabbed it) that my husband smeared on our new baby Jack’s bum when the nurse was taking all his measurements. At each diaper change during our stay in the hospital we made sure to reapply. Boy did it work wonders! The nurses were all impressed too. When Jack finally let ‘er rip it was a breeze to clean up!

Another tip for your baby’s brand new skin is to stick to water baths, and only bathe your infant every few days. All of those fancy washes and creams are great, but in the beginning, just a simple water bath is all your baby may need. Their skin is super sensitive at this time and soap can be too harsh, so keep it simple. The bubble baths will be fun when they are a bit older.

If you’re looking for a more natural substitute to baby wipes, try Water Wipes. These are a great alternative or addition to baby wipes. Think about all the chemicals your baby is suddenly being exposed to upon entering the world. Using a simple damp washcloth (water only) is great, but the next best alternative is water wipes. With just 2 ingredients, you don’t have to fret about what is touching your baby’s most delicate skin.

Another must-have for new moms is nipple creme. Holy smokes, if you’re breast feeding, be sure to bring something for your nipples! I used an organic specialty cream, but you could just as easily use olive oil or virgin coconut oil. The fewer ingredients the better, but you will be glad you have something to save the Tatas!

Next, invest in Tucks Pads and Dermaplast (blue container) for post vaginal birth. These items, and ice packs for the vagine aprés delivery, were extremely necessary! Have some on-hand at home once you’re discharged from the hospital or birth center. We also stocked up on what we could from the birth center, which made sitting for the car ride home more tolerable.

Lastly, perineal massage is a real thing and may help open things up for a smoother delivery. I still tore badly, but was grateful I had the Motherlove Oil (apricot & lavender) for my perineal massage prior to birth. I can only imagine how much worse the damage could have been without it! In between pushes, I also asked the midwife to continue to apply the oil, which helped to save my skin while giving birth. Any leftover oil works great on your baby for cradle cap, or you can mix it into your own night creme to add a bit of glow back into your complexion post-birth.

by Anais Foley-Kennedy

Anais Foley-Kennedy

Skincare Expert


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