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Mine, Yours, Ours: A relationship Survival Guide for Baby’s 1st Year

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Make it a Date Night!

This is a must have class for “New” or “Expectant” couples desiring to keep their relationship strong while experiencing the changes that come with a new baby. Utilizing humor and presented from the female and male perspective, this course will help you understand how each partner has some unique concerns,  and how universal other worries are regarding this transition to parenthood.

Through the course you and your partner will also learn effective communication skills so you can truly “hear” each you. You will receive tips and strategies to aid in the development of your “postpartum” plan which will focus on working as a team. Expect to gain understanding of the moods and emotions that come with the birth of your baby, and last, but not least, how to keep sex and intimacy in your relationship. Come ready to ask questions and share your own experiences.  This is not just a lecture format, your participation is highly encouraged!

Included in the cost of enrollment is a 20 minute consultation to review your Postpartum Plan. Consultation can be scheduled anytime up to 4 months after the class.  Scheduling can occur after class - this is such a great deal and worth more then the cost of the class!!


Friday,  September 21 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm Sacramento


Catherine O'Brien

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Gottman Educator, & Mother

Rick Heyer

JD, Educator, & Father

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