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Survival Tools & Techniques for Your Baby

This class is perfect for expecting families,

or families with a newborn, as well as,

for Caregivers and Grandparents

The goal of this class is to help new parents adjust to the changes in bringing home a newborn. Parents who take the class are not as shocked that their world is rocking a bit off its normal axis, albeit in a new and marvelous way! Every baby is different. Every baby is born with their own temperament. We will explore why some baby’s are the “easy” baby and why some tend to be a little bit more “high needs”. We will talk about your reaction to the difference in temperaments and how it can affect family dynamics. We will cover “tools” to help you help your baby.

This class has a lot of information; we look at the newborn needs, temperament, brain development, and how that is linked to your response to them. I will show you tried and true techniques to help them adjust to their new world.

We will cover “wearing your baby”; is “co-sleeping” a good idea; products for baby and which to avoid; and what studies show where SIDS is most likely to occur (cheery note to end with!), and so much more.

Please join me, and let’s explore the newborn/infant states. 

Thursday ~ November 8 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm  

Grandparents or caretakers are encouraged to attend, and babies are welcomed!

CLASS COST:  $50.00  

Survival Tools & Techniques for Your Baby Class ~ Sacramento ~ 11/08/18
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  • Babies Welcome
  • Partners, Grandparents, Caregivers
  • Pre-registration is required!
  • Class size is limited.

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